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Rusty screws on your enclosure?
Fino's Screen has the solution! The Nylo-Tec & Pro-Tect solution. Never See Rust Again!

- Nylo-Tec Exclusive Nylon Headed Fastener
Glass-reinforced nylon headed carbon steel screw.

  • Molded head, not a cap eliminates rusted heads.
  • More cost effective than stainless, no fastener callbaks.
  • One driver for all sizes (#10,#12,#14)
  • Ceramic coated carbon steel shaft provides excellent drivability.

- Pro-Tect Patented Nylon Sleeve and Cap
System is formulated for harsh environments.

  • Miami Dade County approved Blue-Tap fastener.
  • UV Stabilized to prevent fading.
  • Nylon sleeve encases fastener in nylon.
  • Ensures coating stays intact.
  • Isolates from aluminum eliminating electrolysis.
  • Nylon cap protects head from the environment.

Customers love the finished Look.
10 Year Warranty - Never See Rust Again!

. Cost-Effective . Easy to Install . Stop Electrolysis . Pro-Tect Your Wallet!
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